IRIZ Business Model

We start with culture and people, then technology and innovation to give you a competitive advantage.

Customer Segments

No company can survive without (profitable) customer and you need to make a clear and customer orientated segmentation model to fully understand your customers needs. Your organization must make a conscious decision about which segments to serve and a business model can be designed around a strong understanding of your specific customer needs.

Value Propositions

The Value proposition is the reason why customers choose you as a company over another. It is all about creating value and solving problems at the right time for your customer. Value propositions can be innovative or address existing market but with new offers and features. It as all about giving the right value at the right moment in time.


A clear strategy for communication, distribution and sales channel set clear guidelines on how you interact with your customers. These touch points are key to establish a good customer experience in your value prop. It is all about helping your customer through the customer life cycle with your company.

Customer Relationships

Every company needs to clarify what kind of relationship it wants to establish with each Customer Segment. These are very often driven by acquisition, retention and upselling the value prop. The Customer Relationships called for by a company`s business model deeply influence the overall customer experience. It is all about creating value over time with your customers.

Revenue Streams

If customers comprise the hard of a business model, revenue streams are the arteries. Are you selling the right value for the right price and how are you monitoring each segments revenue streams. All business models are either transaction based or recurring, are your company correct positioned for the segments in your business model? This needs to be monitored from both customer and company perspectives.

Key Resources

What is a business model without people and culture! All Business models needs Key Resources to create the right value and marketing mix. These can be physical, financial, intellectual or a human. Does your resources support your customer relationship and multi channels in the market.

Key Activities

How to make your business models actually work and do you have operational control. All these must clearly address your goals and support your business goal to ensure customer success.

Key Partnerships

All companies have partners to support their business models and create good solutions for their customers. This model is becoming a cornerstone of many companies and is a must to ensure that you can success in a rapid changing Eco system. Modern business is all about sharing data and creating customer value.

Cost Structure

Creating and delivering value, maintaining customer relationship and generating revenue all incur costs. A company can have different business models: Cost-driven, Value-driven, Fixed costs, Variable costs, Economics of scale and Economics of scope. All these types needs to be monitored and controlled to ensure value for the company and off course the customer.

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While disruptive technologies has received significant attention in recent years, the need for speed is sometimes overlooked. In increasingly competitive environments and with rising customer expectations, however, this need is actually more acute than ever before.