My Book of Regrets

My book of Regrets (Business Edition)

Petrus Eide is COO in IRIZ and his role in any digitalization project (development) is to mould your organization and to establish the correct culture for innovation. Eide works with managers and talents within sport to achieve their goals and ambitions. In this job Eide spends time with change agents, management and project managers to structure the tasks that brings the whole organization in to small and measurable success in an agile fashion.

How often have you coordinated a debrief of your last 5, 10 or 20 years of management decisions? How often do evaluate and validate your NO and YES?

IRIZ is a company pillared with profiles that strives to do the impossible, challenge status quo and move companies into disruptive thinking for digitalization.

We do meet C-levels every week and we will always challenge the existing culture where as company leaders alone have difficulties or need more time to understand why, how and what questions currently happening within their market place.

IRIZ will always plan your future investments in disruptive development within the question – are there any decisions you would like to go back and change in the favor of YES? Looking back there are probably several situations where as your immediate NO later has showed that there was a huge opportunity that your missed out on. There are probably many situations in your life that your regret and that you did not calculate the entire threats and opportunity. Opportunity sometimes knocks gently and does not wait for perfect timing. Opportunity does not strike you as a package with the whole technical ecosystem totally ready. Opportunity requires a team, a culture for change and set of mandates where it is OK to fail and try again.

Size does not matter. All companies today have the possibility to achieve digitalization and a disruptive position. It is pure stupidity or lack of management if there is not established core teams with 4-6 resources that have the task to at all time challenge the current situation.

What is your regrets? What is your current situation? What will be your regrets within the next 20 years? What is your legacy within your company, family and society and within sports?

Regrets and risks – Each time you play it safe, you’re moving away from your authentic self and potentially from dreams for your life. You get to decide on a daily basis whether you make decisions from a place of fear or go for what you want most.

Is it possible to combine the personal dreams as manager and reallocate all that thoughts and energies starting with small iterative teams today? IRIZ thinks so. We are doing it daily with small and large companies. We believe in change and we also regret personally that we did not start earlier with what we are doing today because it is pure fun to combine craziness and thinking outside the standard business model.

Starting today to minimize the chapters in your Book of Regrets (business edition)

    • Involve 6-8 resources for core team within your company to rethink the whole business model – turn it upside down
    • Let all resources in your team or company answer the question what they would like to work with and establish a sense of urgency
    • Let your coworkers know WHY they are hired
    • Try to establish a golden thread in all of your ideas and creativity parallel to resources, trends and available technology
    • Define your roadmap including company culture and measure “happiness” in your company

Combined efforts between you and your employees

  • Culture (establish change agents and correct inhouse knowledge)
  • Turn all your business model upside down.
  • Start with the question WHY (Simon Sinek)
  • Organize the change agents (Tribale organization by Spotify)
  • Organize all your crazy ideas with a simple tool for everyone to comment (AirTable)
  • Break down tasks in to an easy start and onboarding (MVP & MVE)
  • Establish ownership on ALL issues, tasks, meetings, etc (RACI)
  • Hand out big applaus and champagne for all ideas that reaches a level of maturity (e.g landing page etc)
  • Be transparent about all ideas and share knowledge internally, end external.
  • Establish speed as a habit.
  • Have NO regrets

We have copied some sentences from Oleg Vishnepolsky and his LinkedIn article about managers regrets.
All experienced managers have regrets. If you get them into an honest conversation, they all say the same things:

  • I wish I did not push my people so hard. They all have personal lives, and I do not even know how much grief I caused by making them work hard for little to no gain in the end.
  • I wish I did not take out the stress on my employees. In fact, I should have handled stress better. Being happy or stressed is a choice.
  • I wish I spent more time with my loved ones. To succeed at work and to fail at home is to fail completely.
  • I wish I took care of my health – spending more time in the gym, visiting doctors, and simply going for a walk.
  • I wish I had the courage to say ‘no’ to my superiors when ‘no’ was due. I should have had no fear for doing the right things.
  • I should have not fired person X. I should have helped him more, he would have succeeded.
  • I wish I stood up more for my team. My superiors would have appreciated my strength of character, so would have my employees.
  • I wish I spent my own time more wisely
  • I should have had more fun and I should have shared it with my team. Life is too short.

The biggest regret everyone has is not about what they did. It is about what they did NOT do – opportunities they did not take. In IRIZ we establish an environment to test out all of your crazy ideas (MVE/MVP). There is no time for regrets.

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