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Decision making

In business you will make many decisions. The decisions you have made will range from the trivial to crucial. What you decide can determine the kind of person you become later. Making decisions at crucial stages can even affect your future. If you have ever done something only to

Are we in the right house?

Are we in the right house? Iriz as a company are fueled on culture and maturity within in the market place to do the right shift, tactical maneuver or disrupt a process or industry. Iriz as a partner starts the evaluation of your company even before we initiate

My Book of Regrets

My book of Regrets (Business Edition) Petrus Eide is COO in IRIZ and his role in any digitalization project (development) is to mould your organization and to establish the correct culture for innovation. Eide works with managers and talents within sport to achieve their goals and ambitions. In

Positive Risk-Taking

Positive risk-taking IRIZ professionally manages positive risk taking on self-developed ecosystems or on behalf of customers. What is positive risk-taking? Positive risk-taking describes something specific that IRIZ do as part of challenging status quo. It is something that everyone engages in to different levels and frequencies in their

IoT Industry 4.0

IoT is at the Heart of Industry 4.0 Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars. Machine everywhere are becoming more intelligent, and the manufacturing process itself (the smart factory) is not far behind the curve. In fact, predictions from business and IT experts are buzzing about the way in which IoT


Let’s Work Together


While disruptive technologies has received significant attention in recent years, the need for speed is sometimes overlooked. In increasingly competitive environments and with rising customer expectations, however, this need is actually more acute than ever before. Let´s talk.


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Iriz is the provider of new business models  fitted to the digital age. We translate and make the digital language understandable and foremost profittable. Together with our clients, IRIZ creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want.

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